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The White Lakes are a three-piece Indie ROCK Band, based in Birmingham.
Formed of members, Matt Ellacott (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Logan McQuirk (Bass), and Gabriel Carvalho (Drums)

Over the last 2 years the band have grown from small clubs to headline shows and festivals stages. Performances include: F1 Grand Prix (Silverstone), TRUCK festival, 110 Above Festival, O2 Academy Oxford and Birmingham, SOMA Festival, The Boileroom (Guildford) and The Camden Assembly.

Fresh off another summer of gigging, the band are set to release their new EP in the new year. Created and recorded with Producer Jack Wilson from Fickle Friends, the music leans more into their diverse musical influences of Indie, pop and alt rock.

The band are each individually defined by their almost cult like obsessions: Matt has a keen interest in astrology and refuses to buy burritos from Capricorns but will only ever fist bump a Leo. What makes Gabs tick on the other hand is his illusive collection of pygmy cats, though yet to be seen he claims they all fit inside his pocket. Logan has a bizarre obsession with reading tea leaves to determine whether he should or shouldn't eat pasta for the 4th day in a row.

“the sound of indie just done a lot better than 99% of the competition. (

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